NEBO Tempra IR Thermometer & Spot Light AA

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Tempra IR Thermometer & Spot Light
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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available to be purchased. For more information or warranty support, please contact us here.

Not just for the professional, the TEMPRA can help save time and money at work, around the house or in the car. Use the laser-guided infrared thermometer to make sure your car engine is firing on all cylinders. Check your HVAC to ensure your home is cooling and heating efficiently. The TEMPRA, just one more way NEBO® helps get the job done. 

• High-power 1340 LUX LED spot light

• Red laser guide for accurate temperature scanning

• -4ºF - 716ºF

• 4x adjustable zoom
• Infrared lens
• Laser pointer
• Backlit LCD
• Adjustable emissivity for different surface materials
• Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion
• Ergonomic handle
• Low battery indicator
• Data hold function

• Back-positioned ON/OFF button for spot light
• Trigger for laser and temperature scan

• Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)

• 0.7 lbs.
• (H) 7.625” x (W) 2” x (D) 4.25”

Q: What does it mean that it measures ambient air temperature? Does it measure the surface

temperature or the air temperature?

A: The TEMPRA measures the infrared waves radiating from the surface of the object. We use the ambient

terminology because your distance from the object surface can vary the reading since the IR sensor is

conical in nature – the further you get from the surface, the larger the surface sensing area.


Q: What is the accuracy of the temperature measurement? What determines the accuracy?

A: The IR Sensor in the TEMPRA is accurate within 2% of displayed reading (at 100°F, sensor could read 98°F to

102°F). The larger factors for an accurate measurement are distance to target and consistent surface area

of the object being measured.


Q: How do I know which emissivity setting to use? What is emissivity?

A: Shiny, reflective surfaces will have a different emissivity than flat, dull surfaces. The TEMPRA has 3 possible

settings (0.40 – highly polished metals, 0.75 – Cast Iron, 0.95 – Standard setting for most materials).

Emissivity is the measure of how well a surface radiates infrared energy, so adjusting the TEMPRA emissivity

setting should help you obtain a more accurate measurement.


Q: What is the temperature range of the TEMPRA?

A: The TEMPRA has a specified range of -4°F to +716°F (-20°C to +380°C) – the unit will read temperatures

beyond these limits, but the accuracy of the IR sensor may fall outside of the 2% accuracy specification.


Q: How close should I be to measure temperature accurately? Is there a max distance?

A: There are several variables that affect the reading, but in general if you are trying to read a surface area that

is 2 inches in diameter, you would want to have the TEMPRA within 24 inches of the surface being

measured. Distances beyond 10 Feet will most likely be inaccurate due to the variety of IR sources that will

be detected by the TEMPRA’s IR sensor.


Q: Can I use it for health purposes? To measure my child’s temperature?

A: This Device is not FDA approved, so you would not use this device to measure the human body

temperature in order to make medical decisions, but it could be used as an informative tool to measure

skin temperature differences between sunburned skin and normal skin.


Q: What is the purpose of the laser?

A: The laser is to help you align your measurement – longer distance measurements can be more accurate if

you are able to see that you are in fact pointing close to the area you are trying to measure – such as an air



Q: What does the 12 to 1 distance to Spot Ratio mean?

A: At a distance of 36 inches from the target surface, the area of measurement on that surface is a 3-inch

diameter circle. At 12 inches from the target surface, you will be sensing a 1-inch diameter surface.


Q: Can the spotlight and the temperature measurement work at the same time?

A: Yes, neither the light nor the laser will affect the temperature reading.


Q: Does the light or laser affect the temperature reading?

A: No, neither of these produce enough energy to significantly alter the surface temperature.

Q - What is the Prop 65 warning, and should I be worried before I purchase?
A - Our “WARNING” notices are mandated by California Proposition 65. We believe that our products are completely safe for consumer use and if any Prop 65 listed chemicals were to be present, we believe they would be within the safe harbor levels for exposure as published by Prop 65.
Our lighting products use Polycarbonate (PC) lenses for light projection, and Bisphenol A (BPA) is a precursor chemical used to make PC lenses. Prop 65 identifies BPA as a cause of reproductive toxicity.
Our lighting products use Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic for battery carriers and other enclosures, and Styrene is a precursor chemical used to make ABS plastic. Prop 65 identifies Styrene as a chemical that can cause cancer.
Please note that PC and ABS plastics are not listed polymers under Prop 65, but the identified precursor chemicals are listed and in some cases these finished plastics may contain low levels of the chemical in the plastic. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution we decide to adopt this marking in 2017 to alleviate any legal issues that could arise from an improperly marked product sold in California. These warnings are not required by FDA or other Federal agencies.