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Q: How do I change the batteries?  
A: To change the batteries, unscrew the end cap where the button and smart select dial are located.  Inside the flashlight is the battery cartridge that contains the 3 AAA batteries.  Make sure batteries are facing the correct direction and that the battery cartridge is reinserted facing the correct direction.

Q: Is there a holster that will fit the REDLINE® Select?  
A: Yes. The #6032 Flashlight Holster will fit the REDLINE® Select

Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries in the Select?  
A: We do not recommend the use of rechargeable batteries.  When a rechargeable battery dies, the light shuts off immediately.  Since flashlights are considered emergency items, having the light shut off in an emergency situation could be very dangerous.  That is why we cannot recommend the use of rechargeable batteries.  We do, however, have rechargeable flashlights.  Please see #5550 HIGHBEAM and #6007 REDLINE® RC

Product FAQs
The REDLINE® Select combines maximum performance with extreme convenience. 2950 LUX is maximum performance, but what is extreme convenience? The REDLINE® Select is named ‘Select’ for a reason. To improve functionality of the 5 lighting modes, a smart select dial has been added to quickly and conveniently choose your lighting mode while the light is on or off. This feature keeps you from having to cycle through each setting to get to the mode that you need. And, extreme convenience. 

• High-power 2950 LUX LED

• High: 2950 LUX – 2 Hours / 198 Meters
• Medium: 1230 LUX – 5 Hours / 96 Meters
• Low: 305 LUX – 12 Hours / 37 Meters
• S.O.S.: 1100 LUX – 60 Hours / 198 Meters
• Strobe: 1100 LUX – 60 Hours / 198 Meters

• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
  water and impact-resistant
• Convex lens
• Smart Select Dial
• Tactical edge
• 4x adjustable beam
• Steel belt/pocket clip
• Magnetic base
• Battery indicator - button glows red when battery life reaches 20%

• Rear-positioned, glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF button

• Lanyard included

• Powered by 3 AAA batteries (2 sets included)

• Length: 5”
• Diameter: 1” (Barrel)     1.5” (Head)
• 0.7 lbs.

• D 659,869 S