Quarrow | 90 LED Submersible Fishing Light

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90 LED Submersible Fishing Light

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The Quarrow® 90 LED Submersible Fishing Light shines a bright green light directly into the water. The green light starts a natural food-chain reaction by attracting a concentration of small microscopic animals called plankton. Bait fish such as shad and minnows are drawn to the light to feed on the plankton and larger game fish move in to feed on the bait fish.

• 90 green LEDs output 630 lumens

• Impact-resistant and water-proof
• 12V DC battery clips included
• 15A protection fuse (0.2” x 0.79”)
• 15’ cable (0.2” diameter)
• Water-tight rubber caps

• 12V DC battery clips included

• Size: (H) 12.25” x (W) 1.25”
• 0.55 lbs.

Q: Do the Quarrow Submersible Fishing Lights take a 6v or a 12v battery?
A: The usable working voltage for these lights is 10 VDC to 13.5 VDC, so a 12V battery would be the choice.

Q: Are the Submersible Fishing Lights weighted?
A: Yes, all of the Submersible Fishing Lights (#6059, #6060, #6061, #6062, & #6063) are already weighted. Item #6370 needs to have weights added to use underwater.

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