• CaseBrite for iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus (Black)
  • CaseBrite for iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus (Black)
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Q: What is a CaseBrite?
A: The CaseBrite is simply a powerful flashlight built into a rugged phone case.

Q: What phones will CaseBrite fit?
A: Currently, the CaseBrite is a perfect fit for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 PLUS, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s PLUS. Future plans include a CaseBrite designed for other smart phones.

Q: Who makes the CaseBrite?
A: NEBO is the trusted brand for high quality, powerful flashlights. For over 40 years, the American spirit of ingenuity, innovation and quality craftsmanship has been expressed in everything we do. NEBO is the leading design and technology innovator in flashlights and proud of our latest creation: the CaseBrite.

Q: Why should someone buy this case over another case in the market?
A: Ultimately what type of case you buy is based on your own preference with color and style, but if you want to have a case that will protect your investment and have an extremely functional light embedded in the case, this is the only one in the market.

Q: What is included?
A: A phone case, built-in light and a USB charging cable.

Q: Does this case only protect the phone from the back and sides?
A: It provides protection from all sides. On the front, there are slightly raised sides to help protect the phone’s face if dropped on completely flat surface.

Q: How much brighter is the CaseBrite than my phone’s built-in flashlight?
A: The light on the average smart phone is around 15 lumen and the light from the NEBO CaseBrite is 200 Lumens, so it’s about 12 times brighter.

Q: Will using the CaseBritelight drain my phone’s battery?
A: No, the CaseBrite has its own rechargeable lithium battery built into the case. It has its own recharging cord.

Q: Will CaseBrite still work if my phone battery dies?
A: The CaseBrite will work independent of your smart phone, making it a great light source always at your fingertips.

Q: How do I recharge the CaseBrite?
A: Included with the CaseBrite is a Micro USB – Standard USB cable. You will need to use an AC or DC adapter to connect to a power source or just connect to any standard USB port.

Q: Is the CaseBrite water-proof?
A: No, the CaseBrite is water resistant but we do not recommend that you ever get your phone wet.

Q: Do I need a phone inserted in the CaseBriteto use as a light?
A: No, this unit was designed to be a great independently powered flashlight. You could remove the case from your phone and still use it as a great light.

Q: Do I need any app to activate the light?
A: No, the case has a single power button that allows you full control of the light. You can control the power from 100% to 10% and also strobe mode from the button.

Q: Can this light be used for self defense?
A: Yes, studies have shown that any light over 50 lumen can temporary disorient someone if they stare directly into the light…the CaseBrite can reach 200 lumen and it also has a strobe function.

Q: Does this light case help when taking pictures?
A: Yes, taking pictures is all about have the correct light source hitting your subject. The CaseBrite allows you to control the amount of light on the subject. In the dark, the CaseBrite will help the camera find a focus.

Q: What is the point of having strobe as a light mode on a phone case?
A: There are a number of reasons: 1. A flashing light will get more attention than a steady On light; o in case of an emergency this is better. 2. It can make for an interesting video effect. 3. Strobe can make any dance moves look better.

Q. Does the CaseBrite have a warranty?
All NEBO products are guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase.  For warranty information contact warranty@nebotools.net.  For warranty service, please send product to the following address:

NEBO Tools
3025 N. Great Southwest Parkway
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 

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This model is for the iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus

The NEBO® CaseBrite offers more than just protection for your mobile device. The CaseBrite features a high-power, 200-lumen C•O•B flashlight that is up to 12x brighter than a standard smart phone light. Designed specifically to not draw from your phone’s battery, each CaseBrite is independently powered by an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

• High-power 200 lumen C•O•B LED

• Impact-resistant, non-slip rubber case
• Screen protection lip
• Fully dimmable
• Slim 15mm profile
• Battery life indicator
• Fits iPhone 6/6S

• Rear-positioned, ON/OFF button

• USB to Micro USB charging cable (included)

• Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  (Recharge time - up to 3 hours)

• Length: 6.3125”
• Width: 3.125”
• Depth: .6”
• 0.4 lbs.