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320 lumens, 4x adjustable zoom and magnetic docking station.

Our newest REDLINE® takes flashlight performance to a whole new level.

The newest rechargeable REDLINE® is the REDLINE® RC with MagDock. The MagDock is a magnetic charging station that docks and charges your REDLINE. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the REDLINE RC with MagDock is fully equipped with all of the features that make the REDLINE series so popular.

• High-power 320 lumen LED

• 4x adjustable zoom
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
  water and impact-resistant
• OC Technology
• Convex lens
• Signature Red Ring
• Steel belt/pocket clip
• Ergonomic non-slip grip
• Magnetic base
• Protective LED housing
• Charging indicator light

• Side-positioned, ON/OFF button
• Run times for each mode 
High: 1 Hour
- Medium: 2 Hours
- Low: 9 Hours
- Strobe: 2 Hours

• USB to Micro USB cable included
• Lanyard included

• Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  (Recharge time - up to 2 hours)

• Length: 3.5625” (compacted) / 3.875” (extended)
• Diameter: 1.25”
• 0.25 lbs.

• 8,628,210

Q: Can I leave it sitting on the dock anytime I'm not using it?
A: The REDLINE® RCwith MagDock base will remove all charge current from the battery once it has reached 4.2 V (full charge). So it is ok to leave the flashlight on the MagDock charger.
Q: What are the run times for each of the modes on the REDLINE® RCwith MagDock?
A: Run times for each mode - High: 1 Hour, Medium: 2 Hours, Low: 9 Hours, Strobe: 2 Hours
Q: Is the battery replaceable? 
A: We use a specialized rechargeable battery specifically suited for the MagDock, so it cannot be replaced unless it is with another one of our batteries.

Q: How many charges will the battery take? 
A: Not all rechargeable batteries are the same, however most rechargeable lithium batteries have a standard lifecycle of 250-500 recharging cycles.  This number can fluctuate based on the light modes used, frequency of usage, storage temperature, battery heating, etc.  Luckily, we have decreased the heat build-up by using a higher quality battery.  These lithium batteries have extremely long shelf-lives, so a fully-charged battery will have more than 85% of its charge after three years of sitting unused.  

Q: Is the MagDock and MagCable interchangeable?
A: NEBO products which feature a magnetic charging base (MagDock) may be charged on any MagDock from any of our products, and vice versa. Note that the #6691 REBEL, due to its smaller size, may not fit well on the MagDock base, but will safely charge when carefully centered on the base. 

The magnetic charging cable (MagCable) that is supplied with our newer products may not work on older products. If the cable can be attached, it may be used, but if the magnets repel each other, the user should only use a MagDock with that particular product.

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