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Q: Is the Blast waterproof in salt water, too?

A: Yes, it is. However, to minimize the risk of corrosion, rinse with fresh water after exposure to the salt water.

Q: What does IPX7 mean?

A: The IP rating designates an items resistance to dust and water. So, in our rating for this (IPX7), the X designates dust protection, and 7 designates water protection. For water protection, 7 is for submersion in water up to one meter depth (about 3 feet) for 30 minutes. For our internal testing, we test at a depth of 1 meter for at least 30 minutes to make sure our products meet this requirement.

The “X” designates that we have not tested for dust resistance. The greatest concern for our customers is usually water, so we do not actually test for dust protection.

Q - Can I use rechargeable batteries in the REDLINE Blast?

A - For our flashlights that use alkaline batteries (like the Blast), NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) or NiCd (nickel-cadmium) rechargeable batteries will work fine, but with slightly reduced performance. These batteries output a slightly lower voltage than an alkaline which results in the slightly reduced brightness and runtime.  Rechargeable Li-Ion (lithium ion) cells should NEVER be used. These batteries feature a much higher operating voltage that could damage our products.

Product FAQs

The Redline BLAST, with 1,400 lumens of high intensity light, is a must-have flashlight that can throw a spectacularly bright beam over 260 meters. The BLAST is completely waterproof and ready for any weather condition. Want more? How about a 4x zoom and 5 light modes (high, medium, low, defensive strobe & flashing beacon).

• High-power 1400 lumen LED

• High (1400 lumens) - 2.5 hours / 260 meters
• Medium (560 lumens) - 7 hours / 180 meters
• Low (140 lumens) - 30 hours / 90 meters
• Strobe (1400 lumens) - 6 hours
• Beacon (1400 lumens) - 120 hours

• Convex lens
• Tactical edge
• 4x adjustable zoom
• Signature Red Ring
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
 waterproof (IPX7) and impact-resistant

• Rear-positioned, ON/OFF button
   with Soft Touch Technology

• Lanyard (included)

• Powered by 6 AA batteries (included)

• 0.95 lbs.
• Length: Compacted: 7.25” / Extended: 7.75”
• Diameter: (Head) 1.875” / (Barrel) 1.375”