• #6109 iPROTEC™ RM190
  • #6109 iPROTEC™ RM190

#6109 iPROTEC™ RM190

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Q: Can I use a Rechargeable battery in this gun light?
A: No, the RM190 Flashlight only version uses a CR-123a packaged with the product.
This is a nominal 3.0 volt battery. Using a rechargeable version, also known as a 16340 secondary lithium battery, will appear to work without a problem, but in fact has the following issue: The RM190 is designed to work with a primary (non-rechargeable) CR-123a and as such does not have an over-discharge protection built in.  It will drain all of the battery power without monitoring its charge status.  As a result, the rechargeable battery will be drained well beyond the safe discharge level of 2.5 volts.  The longer it its in a fully discharged state, the worse its effective capacity becomes until it is non-functional as a battery.  Attempts to re-charge will fail. If the User removes the battery before it discharges below 2.5 V and recharges it every time, there will not likely be any other adverse functions. As always, we do not recommend the Consumer modify and operate our products in ways other than the recommended configuration.
Q: Will this light work on a Glock 45 pistol?
A: It depends on the exact model. It will fit the Standard (G21) and Competition (G41), but will not fit any of the Subcompacts (G30 or G36).
Product FAQs

The RM190 outputs 190 lumens of intense white light. Light of this magnitude is enough to dominate an aggressor’s night adapted vision; ideal for military, law enforcement and self-defense. 

• High-power 190 lumen LED

• Light: 190 Lumens - 1 Hour / 92 Meters
• Strobe: 190 Lumens - 2.25 Hours / 92 Meters

• Adjustable hinge mount design; no tools required
• For rail-equipped pistols and long guns;
  does not fit subcompacts

• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
  water and impact-resistant

• Side-positioned ON/OFF toggle switch

• 1 CR123A battery included

• Size – (L) 3.375” x (W) 1.625” x (H) 1.5”
• Weight – 0.2 lbs.

• D 700,674